Benefits Of Investor Relations Consultancy Firm On Twitter


Twitter has gained popularity as a medium through which most consulting firms can use to articulate their issues and cross-sell their services and products. Most companies have set up corporate Twitter accounts as a measure to give the company an online presence as well as to create a communication channel with its investors and customers. You can tweet LifeSci Advisors for the benefits of investor relations consultancy. There are multiple benefits that accrue when a business entity leverages the power of Twitter such as;

Communication platform


Twitter creates a large platform through which the consultants can directly engage with their clients. It allows them to share useful investor relations advice and information that can assist their existing and potential customers on how to handle different business scenarios. Importantly, it assists to get insight and feedback from interested parties on how best to use their reach and expand their market. Twitter assists a firm to make regular notifications or updates in regards to information about new trends which assists investors to understand their business more and make funding decisions. Therefore, most corporate Twitter accounts are used to make official notifications or reply to reviews or complaints by customers.

Marketing tool

Twitter can be used to pool a target market and properly use it as a marketing tool. This will enable the investor relations consultants to reach out to their customers in regards to new services or product packages. This, as a result, will entice the customers who are willing to consume these products to follow up with the firm closely. Additionally, Twitter is proactive as it facilitates contact among prospective and existing investors and customers by making a presentation on the services and products offered by the consultancy.

Measuring and evaluation tool

It is possible for the consulting firm to measure their popularity on the social media through operating an active corporate Twitter account. This is because these tweets attract investors and consumers to follow or comment on them. Therefore, it is possible to identify whether they are making an impact in the industry or not. Moreover, the type of feedback received regarding compliments, complaints or reviews acts as a measuring and evaluation tool that assists the firm to realize whether it is utilizing its potential to the maximum or it needs to change its strategies to engage its market.

Competitive advantage


Twitter can assist a business to enjoy a competitive advantage over its competitors since it can be used to articulate exciting and interactive debates that promote the business. This attracts more clients to seek the business’ services which translate to accumulating a large market share for the business.