Facilities to look for when buying a condo


Living in a condo enhances one’s lifestyle and increases the comfort sought in a luxurious yet affordable environment. Moreover, it gives a sense of a progressive community that influences one’s social life positively. Importantly, when choosing a condo to buy or rent one should put great consideration to the available facilities within the condo compound which may use without limitation by the condo community as long as they are used within set community rules. The Hundred Palms Residences EC has one of the best facilities. Hence, the following condo buying walkthrough guidelines will assist one to choose condos with the best facilities such as;

Multi-purpose hall


This is a great feature in a condo as it allows the residents to organize public or private events at no cost. The hall allows individuals to organize birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings ceremonies or condo community association meetings conveniently. Moreover, the multi-function hall allows the residents to have access more space for private functions without infringing on the rights of others in regards to noise.

Parking space

Condo units come alongside on-site parking garages that can accommodate two or more units per residents plus have extra space for visitors. However, in some developments, the number of bedrooms within a condo unit is used as a determinant for the parking space allocation. Modern parking garages are a new advancement in parking that uses new technologies to maximize the value of the resident parking. The access to the parking lot is done using passes or use stickers given to the residents only with a preserve also given to visitors.

Swimming pool

Condos also commonly have private or public swimming pools. This allows one to enjoy a splash one in a while.  Most residents like to enjoy a morning swim but no time limitations are accorded as long as the users abide by the code of conduct and children swim under the supervision of adults. This is a unique facility that one can enjoy by owning a condominium.

Gymnastic area

The gym is a great addition to a condo unit as it allows one to enjoy regular workout which ensures that one lives healthily. Well-equipped gyms that have trainers are common with most condo units which enable one to get value for their exercise sessions.



When choosing a condo unit is prudent to check the appliances that come with the unit such as refrigerators, microwaves among others. Therefore, standard appliances such as dry cleaning and other house furnishings may influence the choice of a condo unit.