Getting the perfect maxi dress to fit your body type


A perfect maxi dress that agrees well with one’s body shape is what every woman wants to feel good about herself on any occasion. Maxi dresses compliment a woman’s look. They will keep compliments flowing, but only when it’s perfectly done.

Different maxi dresses look good on different body types, and buyers need to be smart when buying a maxi dress. There are more factors to consider before choosing a maxi dress than just its cutting and style.

How to get a good fitting maxi dress

1. Size of the bust

If you have a large bust, look for a loose draping maxi dress. This fits well on busty women. Dresses with thick straps can also be a better option because they cover up bra straps.

Women with small bust can have maxi dresses tailored to fit the chest and perfectly flow to the ankle without overlapping.


2. Curvy bodies

Women with curvy dresses should looks for that skims to the body form. A dress with cap sleeves to cover bra straps is also a smart decision. If you are a plus size, seek a dress that is wide and is friendly to bra straps. The essence is to end up looking fabulous and feeling comfortable.

3. Body shape

Let the dress automatically connect with your bust, waist and hips. This will result in a gorgeous look. If you have a pear shape, look for a maxi that perfectly fits upwards. Look for a dress that is attractive at the top to draw attention away from the bottom part of the body. A shoulder-baring top will work just fine.

4. Body frame

Some women have athletic or boyish body frames. This, however, is not reason enough to quit maxi dresses. There are so many types and designs that can accommodate these women. Column –style dresses can make a boyish body frame look longer and leaner. A waist-clinching drawstring compliments a boyish frame by adding curves.


5. Design

Maxi dresses come in literally all colors. This makes it easy for any woman with any body type to find a perfect fit. Petite women, for example, should go for micro prints. Curvy women should avoid horizontal stripes that make the body look wider killing the intended appealing look.


Maxi dress is both the king and queen in the dresses’ world. It’s what every woman wants to grace their wardrobe. With the right cut and design, any woman with any body type can dress to impress. It only needs ensuring the right prints as well as accessories.